Everyone’s talking about it, and we’ve got some good articles today so you can join in. How do we change business rules and the distribution of capital and labour in light of machine learning? What’s the impact of AI on the Economy, Should we still rely on GDP as a measure? Will bots be better diagnosticians than doctors? 

Fear not, if that’s all a bit too heavy we also have 1,007 dancing Robots.

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Business Impact of AI

To survive, the game of business needs to update its rules

Humanity is at the beginning of an explosion of intelligent software. Going along, how do we have to change the rules of business? In this article Tim O’Reilly gives his thoughts on how we have to change business rules and the distribution of capital and labour.


Impact on the Economy

Is globalization coming to an end?

This article examines the potential impact of the upcoming 4th industrial revolution and its security implications. Manufacturing, services, energy and agriculture appear to be moving to localized production. The effect? A reversal of globalization…


GDP Is a Wildly Flawed Measure for the Digital Age

“It´s time to measure all the value that human beings produce around the world!”
How can we measure the value of networks, digital assets of infinite use and reuse and the new gig employment opportunities? 

Another example of a “robots taking human jobs”

Watson correctly diagnosed women after doctors were stumped

After treatment of a women diagnosed with leukemia proved ineffective, doctors turned to IBM´s Watson for help. It looks like we are soon going to see a robot when we walk into our local GP.

Chat Bots, yadda yadda yadda

And here we go, your doctor just got replaced by a chatbot

Your.MD is a chatbot that checks your symptoms, provides you with a diagnosis and even refers you to specialists for further information.

Education, training and advice we rate

TensorFlow, not just for deep learning

Tensorflow is well known for its utilisation for deep learning. However, Yuan Tang provides you with a range of general machine learning algorithms and their building blocks provided by TensorFlow.

The amazing power of word vectors


Word vectors are a fascinating solution to understanding human text. Read through this great introduction and expand your knowledge.

Ethics question of the day

Does DARPA’s Cyber Grand Challenge Need A Safety Protocol?

DARPA ran a “Cyber Grand Challenge” competition at the Defcon security conference in Vegas. The Winner was “All For Secure”  followed by GrammaTech. But some people (such as the EFF) have been critical of the competition. Is there potential for abuse by hackers?

Stats that impress

In what world do 1,007 robots dance at a beer festival?

At the Qingdao Beer Festival in Shandong, China, 1,007 robots bopped and shimmied their way to a new world record for the Most robots dancing simultaneously.

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